Symposium // At the Boundaries of Images.

23.01.2009 to 24.01.2009

Joint International Symposium of the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, New York and the Graduate School Image - Body - Medium: Toward An Anthropological Perspective, University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe.

This symposium focuses on the iconographic 'substance' of images, their ambiguous materiality, and their equally-ambivalent media. In a joint symposium about images as phenomena of boundaries and paradoxical embodiment, this event attempts to critically review and ascertain the theoretical beginnings and departures of the Graduate Program’s conferences, workshops, and academic encounters. At the Boundaries of Images proposes a revision of the desire for a material and conceptual resolution to the problem of the image’s essential nature. The almost vague notion of scrutinizing images beyond their actual visibility and hence beyond their material intermediaries (screens, frames, walls etc.) reveals a perpetual desire to see beyond the visible and to disclose the "creativity of mediation" of media-as-carriers and their ability to transform their transmitted phenomena – images. This is not only the case with computer-based images, but it might be utilized as a theoretical approach to dissect the mediality of constructing and producing images in general, and perhaps even more so to critically re-read the legacy of illusion, thereby reviewing the terms and concepts of what is widely considered as 'media'; in other terms, revisiting the dilemma and obscurity of 'what is a medium?'


Buket Altinoba
Sebastian Baden
Thomas Campbell
Colby Chamberlain
Huffa Frobes-Cross
Rania Gaafar
Robert Harrist
Birgit Hopfener
Kellie Jones
Catrin Kost
Keith Moxey
Evan Neely
Tina Rivers
Jörg Scheller
Anja Schürmann
Alexander Schwinghammer
Beatriz Toscano
Lee Ullman
Beat Wyss